Buy Coffee. Tip Monero.

Gratuitas is a company utilizing the power of decentralization to expand the abilities of the consumer and producers of coffee. The consumer is able to tip in cryptocurrency Monero. Monerotopia, our current brand of beans, is roasted to your palate. Choose a light, medium, or dark roast, click order – beans are roasted and shipped from one of our “roaster nodes” within 48 hours! Coffee stays super fresh. The single-origin Arabica bean comes from the San Rafael Urias Finca in Antigua, Guatemala.

Roasted On-Demand. Freshness Perserved.

Coffee beans found on shelves are typically past its peak flavor.  Decentralized roasting fixes this. Our roaster nodes, found across the globe, each possess a Boca Boca, a highly-rated, state of the art, at-home coffee roaster. These machines provide consistent roasts and give our roasters the latitude to adjust and perfect each batch.  When ordering online you can choose the roast level – light, medium, or dark.  The green beans are roasted and then shipped within 48 hours of the order.

Coffee & more to your door. Grown by farmers you can tip.

Coffee and more to your door

Grown by farmers you can tip.