Monerotopia Beans

The Monerotopia coffee is roasted to your palate.  Enjoy a sweet and mellow flavor with flowery citrus notes without rushing to finish the bag!  Imported from Antigua, Guatemala, beans from this farm are hand-picked before they undergo a wet milling process with 100 percent spring water.  Farmers then place the beans on patios for sun-drying and hand-raking.  The beans are then shipped to our roster nodes across the world waiting to be roasted. This single-origin Arabica bean comes from an award winning Central American finca.  The San Rafael Urias farm has 20 year-round workers that put their hearts into this product.  With their farming experience and our in-house roasting, you will have the perfect cup of coffee or espresso.

Flavor Profile: 

  • Mellow flavor with flowery citrus notes
  • Hints of chocolate
  • Meshes well with Guatemala’s smokey and spicy region flavors 
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